The Recommend to Library search shows you all the books that are available to the Alaska Digital Library (you see the same catalog from which we purchase). You will know immediately if we can even get the book (some publishers do not sell their books to us).

If you use the Recommend to Library feature you can have the book automatically put on hold for you if it is purchased. Your recommendation is immediately added to the review list.

To use the Recommend to Library feature you must login to your account.


Start by searching for the book you want (title and/or author) from the main Alaska Digital Library page.



If the title/author you are looking for does not show up in the results, click the button at the bottom of the results page that says Add titles you can recommend.



Your search results will be automatically updated to include titles that are available for us to purchase (look for the “reader with a plus sign” in the upper left corner of the book).



If there is an icon of a “reader with a plus sign”, you can hover over the book cover and click the Recommend button.



You now decide if you want to be “just notified” if the book is purchased or if you want to be placed on the holds list immediately if purchased. Type in your current email and click Recommend this title.



You are done! If this title is purchased by the Alaska Digital Library, you will be notified and, if selected, be added to the holds queue.



You can recommend up to four titles every 30 days.

For help using the Alaska Digital Library, please try the Alaska Digital Library Help section or contact your local library.