Your new 5 year Category 2 (C2) budget

To determine your new C2 budget, which begins with FY21 and can be spent any time between FY21 and FY25, go to the following:

Keep in mind that your C2 budget is the total amount of a project that USAC will support, and your discount for C2 resembles your C1 discount, except that a maximum of 85% discount for 90% C1 locations.  

Imagine 2 school districts that both have $100,000 C2 budgets:

Ex:  $100,000 project for  School District X that has an 80% C1 discount

E-rate pays $80,000 and School District X pays $20,000 for this project


Ex:  $100,000 project for School Distict Z that has a 90% C1 discount

Erate pays $85,000 of the project and School District Z pays $15,000