USAC & the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC)   is the link to the USAC website.

USAC is a non-profit company that exists exclusively to disperse Universal Service Funds collected by the FCC.  USAC stands for Universal Service Administrative Company.  There are 4 divisions within USAC and the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) is the one that administers the E-rate funds.

Anyone who touches the E-rate process should have this website bookmarked within their browser….if you have not done so, take the time now to go to this website…explore a little bit….and bookmark it!

is the link to the E-rate Productivity Center portal for your organization. This portal is where you will find informaiton unique to your district’s history and status. It is also where you will submit forms, questions, and responses to USAC. Bookmark this site as well!!