Form 470 for FY20 E-rate Application Cycle Can Be Filed Now.

The Eligible Services List for 2020 has been released, as has the C2 order describing changes to your C2 budget going forward.

If you are going to request bids for equipment (C2) or Internet/Circuits (C1) you need to file a Form 470 along with any RFP. Unless you are under contract you will need to file this form and wait a minimum of 28 days before selecting a vendor and signing any contracts/agreements.

The FCC Form 470 officially opens the bidding process for E-rate goods and services. That form can now be posted for FY20. While many applicants create a bidding document such as an RFP, the FORM 470 MUST be filed in conjunction with any bidding documents in order to be considered eligible for E-rate funding

In an effort to make the form more user friendly, USAC has again modified the set of drop-down options will be available to applicants completing FCC Form 470 to request bids for eligible services in the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC). Applicants have until mid-February to file the FCC Form 470. All services that are not already under contract from July 1, 2019 forward will need to be listed on an FCC Form 470.