Eligible Services

We expect the FY23 ESL to be released in late fall. But do not wait for the ESL to post an FCC Form 470 for services that are currently eligible. It is unlikely that those services currently eligible will be eliminated and if C2 categories are shifted your Form 470 posted prior to any changes will be honored.

The FY22 Eligible Services list has  been released. The FY22 ESL is an appendix at the end of the issuing Order Da-21-1602, Appendix B. https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/before-you-begin/eligible-services-list/

Category 1 Services

  • Internet Access
  • Digital Transmission Services (Circuits/Transport/Point-to-point connections)

Category 2 Services  (NEW C2 5year budget started in FY21 and the $$ is good until FY26)

  • Internal Connections
  • Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections
  • Managed Broadband Service