Eligible Services

The FY2020 Eligible Services list has been released.  A link to the FY2020 ESL can be found here.

There is no longer any discount for VOICE services.

Category 1 Services

  • Internet Access
  • Digital Transmission Services (Transport)

Please note that Internet Access can come over an ISP’s owned line (considered bundled service with access and transport) or it can come over your own transport lines/circuits (Internet Access Only).  There are VERY FEW organizations in Alaska that own their own transport….so please be sure to tread carefully when completing your Form 470.  Do NOT request Internet Only unless you own your own lines or towers.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you request Internet Access with transport included, and also request both a fiber and a non-fiber options.

Category 2 Services

  • Internal Connections
  • Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections
  • Managed Broadband Service