ONLY Alaska residents, students/employees of Alaska public universities/schools, and employees of Alaska state/local/tribal governments are licensed to use the SLED Databases. For this reason we must follow stringent rules for providing the SLED ID and password to those requesting by phone, email, or online form.

Most users will not need an ID and password to log into the SLED databases because anyone with an Alaska-based Internet Service Provider should be automatically logged into the SLED databases.

However, if you are prompted for an ID and Password, you can…

…call the¬†SLED Databases Password Hotline at 1-800-440-2919 (this will not work for phones without an Alaska area code).

…fill out the detailed SLED Databases Password Request form (ALN is unable to provide ID/Password information through the ALN administrative telephone number).

contact your local Alaska library.

NOTE: You can use the the SLED databases while traveling; however, you will need to obtain the ID and Password to do so. The SLED ID and Password was last changed in October 2019.