FY 2015 – 2017

The Alaska Library Network strengthens and connects Alaska’s libraries through effective collaboration to better serve their communities.
Core Network Principles

  • Delivering Responsive Service & Support
  • Seeking Mutual Benefit for All
  • Fostering Partnerships, Collaboration & Community
  • Advocating for Alaskan Librarians & Libraries

Catch Phrase

Strengthening Libraries through Communication, Collaboration, and Information.


Success Benchmarks

  • Leverage resources and technologies for group or statewide adoption and use
  • Support librarians in delivering and promoting digital library products and services

Action Steps
ListenAlaska Program

  • Help new member libraries launch, promote, and be successful with the service
  • Provide opportunities for member libraries to provide feedback and be involved in the ListenAlaska program
  • Work to allow all citizens of Alaska to have access to ListenAlaska
  • Work with the Collection team to create and implement a sustainable, exciting, and membersupported
    collection development process
  • Design and implement a long-term sustainable collection and administrative budget (including
    new sources of grant funding and practical procedures)
  • Negotiate a new OverDrive contract
  • Coordinate the evaluation and implementation of new features
  • Encourage member libraries to use the resources and support available through the OverdriveMarketPlace


  • Negotiate and administer the new OCLC GSA three-year group contract
  • Assist OCLC GSA libraries in transitioning to new Connection interface
  • Work with non-OCLC GSA libraries to assess the usefulness and affordability of joining
    depending on their actual needs and resources.


  • Strengthen and promote ALN’s role as a fiscal agent
  • Review legal and procedural issues in offering services
  • Establish clear policies, procedures, and reporting options


Success benchmarks

  • Build a positive statewide reputation
  • Information freely flows between library-related organizations

Action Steps

  • Research, redesign, and launch new interactive ALN website/clearinghouse
  • Acquire skills in content management, design, crowdsourcing, and communication technology
  • Investigate branding/service opportunities for ALN
  • Identify and describe roles/relationships of all library-related organizations
  • Design a communication strategy to provide regular and needed content to libraries
  • Experiment with various communication formats on themes of interest to Alaska libraries (e.g., partnerships, promising technologies, best practices, etc.)
    Coordinate design of useful training content for delivery over the OWL network or web
  • Establish environment for and promote virtual team and micro-task participation
  • Research and acquire tools necessary for meeting communication goals
  • Collect information from libraries through surveys, statistical resources, and email to determine timely issues and needs


Success Benchmarks

  • Actively plan for the growth and future direction of the network
  • Projects of ALN are always completed “in cooperation with” another agency

Action Steps

  • Institute an annual face-to-face planning meeting for the ALN Board
  • Develop a strategy for leveraging member dues and network income for targeted outcomes and goals
  • Work with ALN Board of Directors to investigate, plan and provide high-value services, programs and products to Alaskan libraries and network members
  • Review ALN By-Laws annually with Board
  • Monitor and reassess member dues and administrative services pricing as needed
  • Seek sources of grant funding to initiate program/projects of statewide or group need
  • Document all administrative procedures and processes to ensure transparency
  • Establish fiscal procedures and technology to reduce labor, provide quick reports, and withstand vigorous audit research
  • Seek partnerships and task-support opportunities with organizations/individuals
  • Partner with the Alaska State Library (ASL), the Alaska Library Association (AkLA), and the Alaska Association of School Librarians (AkASL) on projects of statewide importance

Latest revision and Board Approval: 1/5/2015