Vendor Consideration Process

This is a process for new vendors; established vendors should continue communicating with your current contact.

The Alaska Library Network (ALN) works on behalf of Alaska libraries to manage programs of statewide interest, seek out group buys or discounts for ALN members, coordinate trials/demos for Alaska libraries, and inform all libraries of special deals for Alaska libraries.

ALN does not select or purchase products or services directly. There is often a process to be followed (especially for statewide database contracts) which involves a committee or group to review the product or service, to recommend for purchase, and to seek possible funding sources. However, ALN will act as the first contact and may be able to introduce your product or service to interested Alaska libraries for consideration.

ALN is willing to team up with your company in order to benefit the libraries of Alaska. The following are some (probably not all) common ways that ALN may be able to work with you:

  • Statewide Contracts: Often this is for access to a database or electronic resource. This is a very competitive process and is often very slow. To be considered for a statewide database contract you should review the Statewide Library Electronic Doorway (SLED; for what is currently being offered. In your vendor consideration statement, you should identify similar products to yours (if any) and explain why your product is a better choice or why your product would fill a gap in our collection.  Your statement must include all of the information requested below for consideration.  In particular, statements will not be considered or responded to without either an estimated price or detailed pricing structure.  If you submit a responsive statement, it will be forwarded to the SLED Advisory Group for review. If viewed positively by the Group, a trial or demo may be requested. If your product or service is not accepted for a statewide contract, you may wish to offer it as a Group Buy.
  • Group Buy: You may offer your product or service as a “group buy” This usually means offering a discount (or series of discounts) if a certain number of libraries agree to purchase. It is best if you are able to contract directly with each library; however, in some cases, ALN may be able to coordinate the invoicing and collecting of orders. ALN will be able to coordinate simple marketing to promote a trial or demo. In your vendor consideration statement, please include the numbers of libraries needed to obtain a discount as well as the marketing and ordering process you are envisioning. If there is not enough interest in a Group Buy, you may want to offer your product or service as an ALN Discount or Alaska Library Deal/Sale.
  • Discount for ALN Members: You may offer your product or service to ALN member libraries at a discount. We have worked with many companies to obtain a discount code which is then given directly to interested ALN members (not a mass email). In addition to percentage discounts on purchases, a much appreciated discount for Alaskans is FREE Shipping!
  • Sale/Deal for all Alaska Libraries: If you have a special sale or deal for any Alaska Library, we will be happy to list appropriate information on our website. Each sale or deal should be aimed specifically at Alaska libraries and should have a beginning and ending date. Again, in addition to percentage discounts on purchases, a much appreciated deal for Alaskans is FREE Shipping!
  • Samples: ALN may be able to pass along product samples to interested libraries. Libraries may be asked to review the product and share that review with other Alaska libraries. In your vendor consideration statement, please state whether the sample needs to be returned.
  • Affiliate Program: You may offer an affiliate program to ALN and its members. This often means that a percentage of any identifiable purchase an Alaska library makes from your online store will be credited to an ALN account. In your vendor consideration statement, please detail how the purchase process works, the percentage of credit, and how the credit can be used (cash back or online store credit).


Vendor Consideration Statement

Your Vendor Consideration Statement should include the following and be sent to

  • Company name and contact information
  • Description of product/service
  • Any additional information suggested above
  • Estimated Pricing, discount, or deal
  • Other information about why your product or service would be a good fit for Alaska libraries
  • Additional information you need from ALN


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