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Alaska Digital School Library Collection 8.22.18

Joining a Shared Collection: Expanding Access to Digital Resources by Sharing

A sample diagram of a consortium’s shared digital collection with additional individual collections for each member school

OverDrive is excited to offer interested schools and districts in Alaska the opportunity to join a digital shared collection. Membership in a consortium provides participating schools access to a shared collection of digital titles far greater than any one individual school could purchase on their own, maximizing the benefits of these powerful reading and learning tools for students and educators. For example, if a school were to initiate a digital collection of their own, they may only be able to afford 50 titles. However, by joining a consortium of 20 schools, that same school would then have access to a collection of 1,000 titles. This shared collection grows as consortium membership increases.

Advantages of being part of the digital content consortium include:

  • Join for as little as $100 per school, with all funds going to content. (Your preferences will be taken into account, but final titles are selected by OverDrive)
  • The Alaska State Library and Alaska Library Network have funded an additional $15,000 worth of titles for the shared collection.  The collection now has over 1000 titles.
  • The ability to add additional titles solely for use by your school (separate from the shared collection)
  • Titles can be filtered by school level

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OverDrive delivers:

  • An unrivaled catalog of 2+ million eBook, audiobook and streaming video titles from 5,000+ publishers in all subjects and genres, including digital class sets for English Language Arts
  • Compatibility with every major device, including laptops, Chromebook™, Kindle®, iPhone®, iPad® and Android™
  • Ease of use – A central platform tailored to your needs and the highest-rated app
  • Flexible access models to maximize budget and use
  • Expert assistance for successful implementation and customization

Schools can start at anytime. The more schools that participate, the more age-appropriate content will be available to maximize engagement and usage. OverDrive can help to select resources in the shared account and you can easily add more content just for your school via an individual collection.

For more information or to see a demonstration, please submit your contact information online or reach out to your AK rep:

Kevin Coon
OverDrive Account Executive | 949-791-7793