Access to “My BrainPop” for schools and school districts

Information is from an (edited) email by Cassandra Fostik (Senior Analyst- District Relations, BrainPOP):

An overview of the My BrainPOP features can be found here:

Basically, the workflow is as follows. Teacher(s) emails the BrainPOP Onboarding Team ( requesting to have access to My BrainPOP. Our team will email the teacher letting them know that we must first get permission from their school or district official (someone who is eligible to manage teacher and student data for their school) to turn off the IP Authentication for their school or district. Once we get that approval, we can set up My BrainPOP for that school or district. The reason we have to shut off the IP Authentication is because it currently auto logs in anyone with an Alaska IP address to BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. In order to use My BrainPOP, each teacher and student must enter their own individual username and password.

However, even though this school or district no longer has access to IP Authentication, if teachers do not wish to use My BrainPOP, they can continue to login manually with the regular SLED username and password. They also have the option to login with their school’s specified generic username and password which is created when My BrainPOP access is activated.