Alaska Digital Library Reports: Circulation Activity

To retrieve your library’s circulation statistics login to the Overdrive Marketplace at .

If you do not have a username, contact to request one (provide name, library, email, and position at library).

If you remember your username but not your password, try the “forgot your password?” link next to the Login button.



You will find Reports under the Insights tab.



For basic circulation statistics select the button for Circulation Activity.



The information which appears is from the last report run. You will want to select Run New Report to get current information.



Clicking Run New Report will bring up a dialog box to define your report parameters. To bring up monthly statistics for your library select:

  • Checkouts by: Month
  • Branch: ‘Find your library’
  • Period Type: Specific
  • Start Date: Usually the beginning of a particular month
  • End Date: Usually the ending of a particular month.

Click Update.



You can click the column header to sort the column.



Select Create Worksheet to have a CSV (comma separated value) file downloaded which will up in any spreadsheet program.



That’s It!

Feel free to experiment with different choices in the dialog box as well as trying the many additional reports available in Overdrive Marketplace.


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