Alaska Digital Library Shared Collection – FY16 Statistics

Titles/copies in the shared collection as of June 30, 2016

TOTAL: 22,136 titles/27,567 copies

Audiobooks: 8,440 titles/10,114 copies

Ebooks: 13,694 titles/17,451 copies

Adult Fiction and Nonfiction: 16,553 titles/20,507 copies

Young Adult Fiction and Nonfiction: 2,836 titles/3,907 copies

Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction: 2,735 titles/3,141 copies


Titles/copies in the shared collection purchased in FY16

TOTAL: 3,804 titles/4,737 copies ($142,929.64)

Audiobooks: 817 titles/1,019 copies ($58,259.34, about $57.25 per copy)

Ebooks: 2,985 titles/3,716 copies ($84,570.31, about $22.75 per copy)

Adult Fiction and Nonfiction: 2,403 titles/3,070 copies ($103,707.25, about $33.75 per copy)

Young Adult Fiction and Nonfiction: 794 titles/985 copies ($25,291.80, about $25.75 per copy)

Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction: 604 titles/679 copies ($13,813.61, about $20.25 per copy)

No titles were withdrawn



Totals of Age Groups may not equal the TOTAL amount when added together because of duplicate or missing classification.

Shared collection purchases were made from designated Alaska Digital Library funds as well as independent purchases by  the Anchorage Public Library, the Alaska State Library, and the UAA Consortium Library.