FY18 ADL Shared Collection Statistics (for PL reports)

Number of volumes in collection

E-Books Withdrawn (question 7-2): 481
E-Books Added (question 7-2): 3,498
E-Books Held (question 7-2): 21,587

Downloadable Audio Materials Withdrawn (question 7-4): 0
Downloadable Audio Materials Added (question 7-4): 1,393
Downloadable Audio Materials Held (question 7-4): 12,992

Collection and Service Expenses

You should not enter the entire amount of your ADL annual fee as a collection expense.

For Electronic Digital Materials (question 5-2g) you take 2/3 x your annual fee + any additional money you spent on ADL (donations, Advantage, etc.).
For Services (question 5-3e) you take 1/3 x annual fee.

Example: If you spent $1575 on your ADL membership you could use $1050 ($1575 x 2/3) for question 5-2g and $525 ($1575 x 1/3) for question 5-3e.

Library Specific Circulation Statistics

The following chart will have information for these questions:

A. E-Book Circulation Juvenile (question 9-2)
B. E-Book Circulation Adult (question 9-2)

C. Audio Downloads Juvenile (question 9-5)
D. Audio Downloads Adult (question 9-5)

E. Total (Filled by formula on report)

F. Unique Users (Not on report, but interesting!)
G. Average number of books checked out per unique user (Not on report, but interesting!)

Anchorage Public Library18142697211613956415160417701423
Anchorage-Consortium Library UAA24812493151336314821715
Aniak Public Library28100871431212
Bethel-Kuskokwin Consortium Library1667006714310766317
Cantwell Community Library4261229134719
Coffman Cove Community Library759034100714
Cordova Public Library136100736695424638330
Craig Public Library2345619331111996020
Delta Community Library3891575545163141409942
Dillingham Public Library25656013831512695623
Eagle Public Library698525134719
Edna Bay Community Library13704280327
Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Libraries50751958067812397755413210326
Fairbanks-University of Alaska Fairbanks Library2861016315116027773288
Glenallen-Copper Valley Community Library9846419434511013037
Gustavus Public Library725043164712542746
Haines Borough Public Library1651224282996266712921
Healy-Tri-Valley Community Library13872031971518925236
Homer Public Library14547011241170491792566827
Igiugig Tribal Library0171119210
Juneau Public Libraries35391414540831287334640150723
Juneau-Alaska State Library 544449165512444925
Juneau-University of Alaska Southeast18163423551515658219
Kake-Shirly Jackson Community Library18502373612
Kenai Community Library11454363140155011241047126
Ketchikan Public Library25016195239447261581672122
Kodiak Public Library65325587122248617127522
Matanuska Susitna Library Network705524866100372856470522249828
McGrath Community Library23011122165724
Metlakatla-Centennial Library34315876199922
Naknek-Martin Monsen Regional Library725104267
Ninilchik Community Library7010433028214252851
Nome-Kegoayah Kozga Public Library9294678162723
Pedro Bay-Samuel B. Foss Library3946985421
Pelican Public Library23140182294101137
Petersburg Public Library43419964221016386815725
Sand Point Community Library0230023123
Seward Community Library598185010152072553522025
Sitka Library Network96431806892762759535921
Skagway Public Library25069910540914636323
Soldotna Public Library16156670150450151480461124
Tenakee Springs-Dermott O'Toole Memorial Library 479162146624
Thorne Bay Public Library10256322120340
Tok Community Library3969234385691930
Unalaska Public Library312261264538363425
Utgiagvik-Tuzzy Consortium Library157317602567905415
Valdez Consortium Library19510432851290281312023
Whale Pass Community Library2394154199633
Wrangell-Irene Ingle Public Library 24256514124211907017