InfoPeople Description and Contact

Infopeople offers a wide variety, in both subject matter and format, of practical workplace training for library staff. Although Infopeople functions as the training arm of the California State Library and our primary audience is the California library community, most offerings are virtual (i.e., online) and are open to libraries anywhere.

The Infopeople training brand has a number of distinguishing characteristics, i.e.:

  • All training is tailored to the library environment, so even general topics such as customer service use library-specific examples.
  • Infopeople works with dozens of different trainers from all over the United States, selecting a subject matter expert for any given topic.
  • A team of instructional designers, coordinators, and technical support staff whose role is to ensure that the content and delivery meet Infopeople standards ensures the quality and consistency in training. Development and delivery of content is done by the subject matter experts

These course seats may be used by any Alaska library staff member during the 2016-2017 fiscal year. These seats will be distributed in an equitable manner to ensure that participants from libraries of all sizes, all types and in all regions of the State are represented.  Ten seats will be reserved for each of Alaska’s five recognized regions: Far North, Interior, Southwest, Southcentral and Southeast. Seats will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Visit the  Infopeople FY 2016 CE  Opportunity online resource guide for more information or call (907) 465-2916.