SAYL Mail April 19, 2019

SAYL Mail   April 19, 2019       School and Youth Librarians Newsletter


DEED Seeking Applicants for Library/Information Literacy Content Standards Review Committee

DEED is beginning the process of reviewing and recommending Library/Information Literacy content standards, which were originally adopted in 1999. The process will involve writing and review committees who will work collaboratively online to develop new standards. There will be no face to face meetings and compensation will be in the form of one continuing education credit from UAA. Most of the work will be done over the summer. DEED intends to present the standards to the Alaska Board of Education by winter 2019; adoption would be finalized by spring 2020. Applications due May 7, 2019 to Janet Madsen, School Library Coordinator ( See attached application and information sheet for details.


Summer Reading Resources to Share with Your Students

April 25th is opening day for SYNC Audiobooks for Teens 2019. This summer’s offerings include 28 titles, two paired audiobook downloads a week April 25th to August 1 check out their website for promo materials, list of titles and FAQ’s.

AkASL Battle of the Books @

Visit the new website to check out the 2019-2020 tentative book list.

Alaska Statewide Summer Reading Program “A Universe of Stories”

Public libraries in Alaska host summer reading programs which are designed to promote, encourage and support reading. Check with your local public library to learn wat programming will be available over the summer.


Training and Continuing Ed Opportunities

Save $7­­­0 with AASL promo code AASL80 when you register for the 2019 AASL National Conference & Exhibition, taking place Nov. 14-16, 2019, in Louisville, Kentucky. The AASL80 promo code expires April 17. Register now at


Building a School Wide Culture of Reading

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 (1:00-2:00 PM AK Time)

Reading may seem like an independent activity but for children who are developmentally wired to seek and feed on peer connections, social reading transforms what some kids think of as a chore into something that they enjoy. Connecting learners with books is a gift that lasts a lifetime.


Engaging Early Learners with Technology: Sharing Research and Best Practices

Thursday April 25, 2019 11:00-12:00 PM (AK Time)

Best practices for technology use with young children (birth through age five) and their families, as well as how to support early childhood educators in grades K-3 with effective technology strategies. Research on technology use in early childhood education from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Common Sense Media will provide the framework. With digital devices becoming more readily available in school settings, the logistics of implementing technology in the classroom as a tool for learning must be examined in order to utilize emerging technology most effectively. REGISTER

Inspiring STEM Learning for Young Girls: Tips from Research and the Classroom

Monday April 25, 2019   1:00-2:00PM (AK Time)

Explore technologies, teaching strategies (including no-tech approaches), and curricula that will inspire, excite, and engage the next generation of female scientists and engineers. Walk away with learning activities and role-modeling practices you can put into place to boost girls’ interest and confidence in STEM immediately following this webinar. REGISTER

Wednesday April 24, 2019   3:00-4:00PM (AK Time) 

Don’t #%?$  My Graphic Novels: Conquering Challenges and Protecting the Right to Read

We strive to create inclusive library collections that reflect a diverse global community. But what happens when members of the school community challenge or attempt to ban such inclusive materials? In 2018, 38% of reported book challenges took place in schools. Among the challenged works were those in illustrated format, including PersepolisDramaThis One Summer, Captain Underpants, Bad Kitty, and Bone. As we celebrate School Library Month, join us in advocating for and defending books that incorporate art with Bad Kitty author and illustrator Nick Bruel and librarians Mariela Siegert, Martha Hickson, and Suzanna Panter. They will share their experiences with censorship and navigating a graphic novel challenge. Moderated by Kristin Pekoll, assistant director of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, with resources and tools to support inclusion of all types of learning resources. REGISTER

Tuesday May 7, 2019   3:00-4:00 PM (AK Time)

Collaborate with Content Areas for Deeper Learning

This webinar will focus on creating collaborations between the school library and content teachers in an effort to create lessons and units that foster critical thinking. Layering standards from content areas with national standards from AASL, ISTE and Future Ready librarianship creates in depth and substantial lessons for critical thinking and growth. Utilizing resources such as the AASL app and the AASL Crosswalk sets, this webinar will identify ways that school librarians can work with subject area teachers on lessons that prepare students for 21st century learning.


Tuesday May 14, 2019 3:00-4:00PM (AK Time)

Computational Thinking in Your Library: Systematic Problem Solving in School & Real Life

Computational thinking is a systematic problem solving process applicable to multiple arenas, including various curricular areas and real life. In this session, learn about the basics of computational thinking, how it applies to school library programs and curriculum, and how it benefits our future ready learners in academia and real life.  REGISTER


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