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SAYL News in Brief

The AASL Standards Crosswalks Are Here For The Future Ready Librarians Framework & ISTE Standards! [The Library Voice. 1 min.] Using AASL’s New LGBTQ+ Resource Guide for Professional Development [KQ. 3 min.] Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month [KQ. 4 min.] Gaming’s Not Just for Kids: What Educators Need to Know About Esports [EdSurge. 5 min.] “Playing these games competitively, known as esports, is on the verge of becoming not only a force in the business and entertainment world, but a factor in the classroom as schools start esports leagues and curriculum springs up around gaming culture. So what do educators need to know about it?” Inquiry in the Classroom: Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder! [Scholastic EDU. 2 min.] New Teacher Resources for a New School Year from the Library of Congress [Teaching with the Library of Congress.  1 min.] The American Opioid Crisis in YA Literature [Teen Librarian Toolbox.  5 min.] Fine Tuning Genrefication with Custom Signs [Expect the Miraculous.  3 min.] [su_divider]

Scholarships, Grants and Awards Opportunities

Closes October 1st.  Pilcrow Foundation Children’s Book Project Grant(School/Public Combined only) Provides a 2-to-1 match to rural public libraries that receive a grant through its Children’s Book Project and contribute $200-$400 through a local sponsors for the purchase of up to $1200 worth (at retail value) of new, quality, hardcover children’s books. Closes October 1st. Nominations for I Love My Librarian Award.  “Nominees must be currently working in the United States in a public library, a library at an accredited two- or four-year college or university or at an accredited K-12 school. In order to be eligible, each nominee must be a librarian with a master’s degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association in library and information studies or a master’s degree with a specialty in school library media from an educational unit accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.” Closes October 1st. ALSC 2019 Penguin Random House Young Readers Group Awards.   $600 stipend to attend their first ALA Annual Conference and invitation to the Newbery-Caldecott-Legacy banquet. Closes November 15th.  (School and Public collaborative) Maureen Hayes Author/Illustrator Award. Up to $4000 to provide a visit from an author/illustrator.

Closes November 16th. ALA Great Stories Club on Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation.  “Copies of three theme-related books to use in reading and discussion groups; travel and lodging support to attend a national orientation workshop in June 2016 ; and a variety of programming support materials.”

For the complete record of scholarships, grants, and other award opportunities posted in SAYL Mail, visit the SGA Archives.   [su_divider]

Training and Continuing Education Opportunities

The following webinars are no cost and run approximately one hour unless otherwise noted. Opportunities not fitting your schedule? Many of these webinars will later be available as archives.
Thursday, September 6th, 10 am – Make Do Share: Sustainable STEM Programming for Youth [Indiana State Library]
Thursday, September 6th, noon – Levels Are a Teacher’s Tool, NOT a Child’s Label [Education Week]
Tuesday, September 11th, 11am – The Latest Must-Have Graphic Novels for Fall [Library Journal]
Wednesday, September 12th, 10:30am – MARCH with Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell [Programming Librarian]
Wednesday, September 12th, noon – Empower Your Students to Be Digital Leaders on Social Media [edWeb]
Thursday, September 13th, 10am – Fall for These Must-Haves for Every Elementary to YA Reader [Booklist]
Thursday, September 13th, 10am – Cultural Competence and Responsiveness [YALSA]
Tuesday, September 18th, 11am – Supercharge Your Collection with New Fall Nonfiction [SLJ]
Thursday, September 20th, 10:30 am – Ditching Dewey – How to Adopt Bookstore Style Organization [Texas State Library and Archives]
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Save the Date!  Upcoming face-to-face conferences, one-day workshops, and online for-credit courses. AkASL Professional Development Grants may be available!
Upcoming Courses:
Asynchronous start date listed. Paid courses offered on ISTE U will be eligible for graduate-level credit through Dominican University of California.  ISTE Member prices listed.  Complete listing of courses
9/10 – Introduction to Computational Thinking – Free, no credit
Upcoming conferences:
Cincinnati.  September 27th – 29th.  Association for Library Service to Children National Institute. (from $400)
Brooklyn.  October 26 – 28.  2018 School Library Journal Leadership Summit
Salt Lake City.  November 2-4.  2018 Young Adult Services Symposium(from $199)
Seattle.  January 25-29.  ALA Midwinter Meeting and Exhibits.  (Early bird member rate $245)
[su_divider] Employment Opportunities
7-8 Librarian, Homer Middle School, .5 FTE Certified
K-6 Librarian, Mountain View Elementary, 1.0 FTE Certified
K-6 Librarian, Ptarmigan Elementary, Anchorage , 1.0 FTE Certified
Additional and up-to-date information at Alaska Teacher Placement

As Seen on Alaska School Librarians Facebook

Alaska School Librarians Facebook group logo
A roundup of resources shared and questions asked on the Alaska School Librarians Facebook group. This is intended to give readers the chance to access resources at work if social media is filtered. Only timely questions, announcements, and links to non-social media resources are listed here.
8/24 – Interested in hosting interactive learning? School librarians can reserve two-way videoconferencing from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC). CILC programs can only be requested by school library staff (i.e. they’re the single point of contact for their teachers). Contact for more information.
8/26 – Start thinking about ASTE everyone. Tiffany Whitehead, The Mighty Little Librarian, is coming to Alaska!
8/27 – If you’re in a small community (pop 15000 or less) and serve teens check out this project. It sounds like a great way to help build partnerships and work on developing future ready students.
8/28 – Looking for ideas on library orientation and how to get the year started? Check out this great compilation of ideas and article snippets by Joyce Valenza.
8/28 – These are great reflection questions for starting the year off right. And not just for the librarian, but for returning teachers and administrators too. Take a look!
8/28 – They’re here!!! [Standards Crosswalks]
8/29 – I used to struggle with classroom management in the library at the elementary level. It was my first few years working in public school and it was a challenging environment. I wish I had read an article like this at the time that helped me realize it was okay to fail sometimes as long as you are reflective and try something new the next time. Just stay calm and carry on.
8/29 – Yes, thoughtful article. [Problematic Classics: Four Questions to Ask When Beloved Books Haven’t Aged Well]
9/1 – [Powerful posters that turn the ISTE Learner Standards into I Can/I Am statements. Thanks, Sharon G for posting and Tanya LeClair for designing!]
9/1 – Some of these would make for great tools in a lesson. [33 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try]
9/1 – Way to go Michelle!
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