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September 9th – In this Issue…

SAYL Mail Reminder

As of October 1st, the SAYL Mail Newsletter, which has has been hosted in the SAYL listserv, will be sent via the AkASL listserv.  If you’re not already on the AkASL listerv, sign up!  For now, it’s being sent out to both lists, while SAYL-only users are invited to migrate to AkASL.

State Library and Museum Educator Resourcesdownload-1

Hands On Loan Program (artifacts to schools) “As part of Alaska State Museum’s outreach to students in rural areas across the state, the Sheldon Jackson Museum maintains a hands-on object loan program for schools, libraries, and museums in Alaska.”

Museum Teacher’s Resources A collection of Alaskan and Alaska Native crafts, activities, and learning resources.

State Library Historical Collections Guides, Indexes and Educational Resources Digital primary sources and primary source finding aides for Alaska

NASA Space Programs – Historic Artifacts Prescreening

“NASA is offering Space Program ‘Artifacts’ and ‘Special Items’ for use or display in your science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) themed program.” Learn more about these two programs here.

Teen Health and Wellness Update

We’ve had a number of questions about access to Teen Health and Wellness. The vendor had an issue with updating the Teen Health and Wellness ID/PW to the new SLED databases password but that has now been accomplished. If you do not yet have the new SLED databases ID and password, call 1-800-440-2919.

If you are not being asked for a password, then don’t be concerned. A reminder about the SLED Databases ID/password combo:

  • It may be given out over the phone to a known Alaskan resident.
  • It may be distributed in paper.
  • You may provide it in an one-on-one e-mail to a known Alaskan resident.

DO NOT, unless you want to force an ID/PW change:

  • Post the combo to any public website. A public website is anything that isn’t password protected itself and/or can be indexed by search engines.
  • Provide this combo on a mass e-mail list.

We run a Google Alert for the SLED databases ID/PW combo. If a posting shows up in my inbox, I’ll have to change the ID/PW again. Thanks for your understanding.

– Daniel

Grants and Awards Opportunities

AASL Awards season is open.  Ten awards open to school libraries and related programs/faculty ranging from $1,250 to $10,000

Closing October 31st — Capstone Interactive eBook Matching Grants.  Double your Capstone ebook purchasing power. $500-$5,000.

Closing December — Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries. For first-time recipients.  Staffed, designated, and established school libraries with at least 85% Free/Reduced Lunch are eligible. Up to $7,000

Training and Continuing Education Opportunities

Opportunities not fitting your schedule?  Many of these webinars will later be available as archives.

  • September 10th, Noon – 1pm — Teen Book Buzz Fall 2015
  • September 14th, 4-5pmTeacher Librarian Virtual Cafe
  • September 21st, 4-5pm — Teacher-Librarian News Night.  “TL News Night is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a Wrap up of ‘This Month in School Libraries’ and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with special guest experts from state library associations.”

Additional and up-to-date Library Development Training and Continuing Education Calendar.

  • Tuesday, September 22nd, 10am Documents to the Children, K-5.  “There are many resources available for older students, but what is available for younger children? This webinar is a general introduction to educational resources for educators and students. Find out which Federal agencies have the best resources on art, culture, reading, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.”
    • November 5th-8th — American Association of School Librarians National Conference.  Make the case to attend AASL in Columbus, OH this year, and invite your principal to attend for free alongside you.

[su_frame]Infopeople offers anytime, free access to archived webinars (registration required).  Although intended for public librarians, school librarians will find a lot of pertinent information here.[/su_frame]

As Seen on Alaska School Librarians Facebook

A roundup of resources shared and questions asked on the Alaska School Librarians Facebook group.  This is intended to give readers the chance to access resources at work if Facebook is filtered.  Only timely questions, announcements, and links to non-Facebook resources are listed here.

8/21:  Resources for children of military returning to school. Please share.

8/24: Webinar opportunity for library staff and teachers on 9/22/15 at 10am Alaska. “There are many resources available for older students, but what is available for younger children? This webinar is a general introduction to educational resources for educators and students. Find out which Federal agencies have the best resources on art, culture, reading, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.”

8/24: This is a cool t-shirt, and a portion of the sales benefit First Book. No, I’m not a spokesperson for First Book or Sevenly. But the t-shirt contains an awesome message and I just got myself one. :o)

8/25: Apply now for an AKASL travel grant to attend AASL or Yalsa’s Young Adult Lit Symposium. The deadline to apply for either of these fantastic fall conferences is Friday, August 28!

8/26: Apply to present at the 2016 AkLA Conference in Fairbanks

8/27: Artifacts for the classroom, art activities, Alaska history modules and historic photographs are just a few of things that the Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum have for you this school year. Please spread the word! [Blog: Back to school with the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum]

8/29: Anyone know if the Chiniak library is going to be rebuilt? Is there anything we can do to help? [Article: Chiniak fire claims library, spares school; Residents evacuated]

— [From Tracy Swaim, Executive Director, Alaska Library Network (ALN),, 907-269-6567:

Chiniak Phoenix Project “a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor” If anyone would like to make a monetary donation to help the Chiniak Public Library recover from the fire, please send checks made out to


to Alaska Library Network 344
W. 3rd Ave, Ste. 125

Anchorage, AK 99501

ALN will act as the “fiscal agent” for this. We will collect the donations and write checks for/to the library as requested by the director.]

8/29: “My” library has 84 branches spread over nearly 2,000 square miles, housing 1.2 million items and serving more than 47,000 kids plus staff members. Including English, 100 languages can be heard in “my” branches. I get to share all this with some of the most spectacular professionals ever known. Pretty impressive! Well done, Librarians, well done! [Quote: Ordinary people have big TVs.  Extraordinary people have big libraries. – Robin Sharma.}

9/1: Fight for School Libraries [Political Advocacy]

9/3: Question for today: Does your library/school have a gaming club? If so, does it include videogames?

9/3: Teachers covering WWII? Invite them to show this 1980s documentary from the Alaska Historical Commission. YouTube blocked at school? Consider a flipped classroom approach where students watch at home and discuss at school. Thanks to the Alaska State Archives for posting this video.

9/7: 21 of the Best New YA Books in September

9/8: Hi folks, I am collecting items related to the President’s visit in Alaska so I can compile primary source materials for my classes to see. I will then be investigating how to best submit the collection to the Library of Congress for their collection. I am interested in personal written accounts, printed pictures, newspaper articles, a copy of the menu from any events President Obama attended, etc. I could scare some of this up myself but I think it will be more interesting for others in the community to participate. Contact Neva Arlene Reece through FB message or drop items by North Star Elementary on Firewood in Anchorage. Thank you so much!

9/9: What’s your favorite SLED Database to use with students? Did you know about this page before?


September National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15), National Wilderness Month.

“September is Library Card Sign-up Month.  A time to remind parents and children that a library card is the most important school supply of all.”

September 13th:  Birthday of Mildred Taylor

September 15th:  125th anniversary of Agatha Christie

September 17th: Constitution Day and Citizenship Day


September 27 – October 3: Banned Books Week 

September 30: Banned Websites Awareness Day

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