Troubleshooting Guidelines

From email sent to ADL-Info on December 20, 2016:

The Alaska Digital Library is about to get a lot of use with the holidays coming up. I just want to remind everyone of some guidelines for troubleshooting. Problems that can be addressed with these guidelines may include (but not limited to) the following:

Authentication issues (I can’t login)

Download problems

Device setup issues

Burning to CD/Transferring to MP3 Player



Overdrive is ready and willing to help you to help you help your patrons when there is an issue. We will go over the process for doing this in this email. Please DO NOT send emails to the Alaska Library Network (ALN) or the Alaska State Library (ASL) for assistance. Neither of us are staffed to provide Overdrive helpdesk services especially of this magnitude at this time of year. Our service contract with Overdrive includes direct Overdrive technical assistance to library staff.



It is important to note that Overdrive will only respond to you at the library not directly with your patron. You must mediate between Overdrive and the patron. Overdrive has an expensive paid service which deals directly with patrons. We do not have that.



The first thing that Overdrive asks is that you consult the HELP section found either on the main page or via Most of the time Overdrive will point you to a section of the Help when they are assisting you. Looking here, first, may speed up the process.



If you are not able to resolve your patron’s issue using HELP, you can submit a request for technical support to Overdrive. To do this there should be at least one person at your library who knows your library’s login to Overdrive Marketplace. See the end of email if you do not have this login info.



To login go to and login. Click “Support” on the menu bar. Click “Technical Support” found in the “Contact Us” section near the bottom of the page. It is important to enter the following information (as appropriate to the issue):


  • Your name and email – so they can connect with you (a phone number in the description is also helpful)
  • Patron barcode – if this is a checkout/download issue
  • Description – as much detail as possible, what steps were followed before the problem
  • Title/Format – what is the title (if available) and what format (if this is a download/checkout issue)
  • Error message – this is very useful if available
  • Device info – what are they using, which model


If a necessary piece of information is not included, Overdrive will often reply asking for the information. Save yourself and your patron some time (and frustration) by including the details at the very beginning. Everybody will be happier! 😉



Please consult with your director to obtain the login. If your director does not have this info, please have them contact me at and we can get it setup. A library only needs one login, and it can be used by those designated by the director. Let me know your library and what you need.