SAYL Mail for April 1st, 2017

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  • SAYL News in Brief
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  • Employment Opportunities
  • Training and Continuing Education Opportunities
  • As Seen on Alaska School Librarians Facebook
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SAYL News in Brief

Alaska State Library Five-Year LSTA Evaluation Librarian Survey

“As a requirement of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funding of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), each state must conduct an evaluation of its five-year plan… Another equally important goal, however, is to understand the current and future needs of our great state and in what ways your State Library can align itself in helping meet these needs in a new five-year plan”

What the Trump Budget Means for School Libraries (SLJ)

“While school and local libraries are locally funded, they would be likely to feel the impact of federal budget cuts in other ways.”

“So here we are in 2017, 64 years after [Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451″] publication. Who needs to douse kerosene on a stack of books and light a match when it’s so much easier to devalue our school libraries and lay off our librarians?”
“Both public and school libraries have always been a source of information for students. And while the Internet has undoubtedly changed the way students do research, cloud-based tools have actually evolved the library’s role rather than diminished it.”
What School Librarians Wish Parents Knew (The Spinoff, New Zealand)

Scholarship, Grant, and Award Opportunities

Ongoing, Monthly (due April 15th).  Awesome Foundation: Awesome Innovation in Libraries Chapter.  $1000 to provide a catalyst for prototyping both technical and non-technical library innovations that embody the principles of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and risk-taking.

Closing April 16th, 2017.  
Snapdragon Book Foundation Grant.  $500 – $20,000 to improve school libraries for disadvantaged children (primarily project-based collection development).

Closing May 5th
Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award for Exemplary Humanities Programming.  $5000 to recognize, promote, and support excellence in humanities programming in elementary and middle school libraries that serve children K–8.

Closing May 12th – 2017 Banned Books Week Grants Offered through Freedom to Read Foundation’s Krug Fund. $1,000 and/or $2,500 in support of activities celebrating Banned Books Week (Sept. 25–30th, 2017).

Closing May 20th – SLJ School Librarian of the Year Nominations. $2,500 cash award, plus $2,500 worth of print and digital materials from Scholastic Library Publishing.

For the complete record of scholarships, grants, and other award opportunities posted in SAYL Mail, visit the SGA Archives.

Employment Opportunities

Immediate Openings

Media Specialist, North Slope Borough School District

2017-18 Openings

Librarian, TBD, Anchorage

Additional and up-to-date information at Alaska Teacher Placement

Training and Continuing Education Opportunities

UAS Upper Division Children’s Literature courses offered this summer.

ED 603 – Alaska Literature for Young People. Online: W 4:30 — 6:00 PM, May 15 – August 5. On UAS campus: M-F, June 5-9.  $1386

UAS Summer Course Schedule.

The following webinars are no cost and run approximately one hour unless otherwise noted. Opportunities not fitting your schedule?  Many of these webinars will later be available as archives.

Tuesday, April 4th, 10am – Spring Picture Books! (Booklist)

Wednesday, April 5th, noon – Step Outdoors with Digital Storytelling: Integrating Storytelling & Science (edWeb)

Thursday, April 6th, noon – Bringing Coding to the Makerspace (School LIbrary Journal)

Tuesday, April 11th, 10am – Middle-Grade Reading, Spring 2017 (Booklist)

Tuesday, April 11th,11am – Sleeper Hits for Summer 2017 Sleeper Hits for Summer 2017 (Library Journal)

Tuesday, April 18th 10am – Now Hear This: #LoveAudiobooks (Booklist)

Additional and up-to-date opportunities at the Library Development Training and Continuing Education Calendar

As Seen on Alaska School Librarians Facebook


A roundup of resources shared and questions asked on the Alaska School Librarians Facebook group.  This is intended to give readers the chance to access resources at work if Facebook is filtered.  Only timely questions, announcements, and links to non-Facebook resources are listed here.

3/19 – For all the Judith Viorst fans

3/20 – Reminder that skilled tutors are available for your students. Pass it on!

3/23 – [9 Lessons to Boost Media Literacy]

3/27 – [Penn State Librarians Create Their Own Superhero Trading Cards]

3/28 – Finally

3/30 – Join Us For The Second Future Ready Librarians Webinar…Leading Beyond The Library



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