FY22 ADL Shared Collection Statistics for Public Library reports

Number of volumes in collection

E-Books Withdrawn (question 7-2): 16
E-Books Added (question 7-2): 5,481
E-Books Held (question 7-2): 23,671

Downloadable Audio Materials Withdrawn (question 7-4): 0
Downloadable Audio Materials Added (question 7-4): 639
Downloadable Audio Materials Held (question 7-4): 12,669

Library Specific Circulation Statistics

The following chart will have information for these questions:

A. E-Book Circulation Juvenile (question 9-2)
B. E-Book Circulation Adult (question 9-2)

C. Audio Downloads Juvenile (question 9-5)
D. Audio Downloads Adult (question 9-5)


TownLibrary/BranchEbook JuvenileEbook AdultAudio JuvenileAudio Adult
AnchorageAnchorage Public Library3809711650030134117433
AnchorageConsortium Library University of Alaska Anchorage16012013201221
AniakAniak Public Library323851
BethelKuskokwin Consortium Library (Bethel)277649221429
CantwellCantwell Community Library323190
ChiniakChiniak Public Library40916
Coffman CoveCoffman Cove Community Library1092116
Cooper LandingCooper Landing Community Library121399165
CordovaCordova Public Library35611674281554
CraigCraig Public Library9178985610
DeltaDelta Community Library643186011653154
DillinghamDillingham Public Library128238305412
EagleEagle Public Library7156049
Edna BayEdna Bay Community Library271037
FairbanksFairbanks North Star Borough Public Library6647291571233447004
FairbanksNorth Pole Branch Library0000
FairbanksUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks - Elmer E. Rasmuson Library1098422211102
GlennallenCopper Valley Community Library33495126457
GustavusGustavus Public Library138476180669
HainesHaines Borough Public Library16612953692061
HealyTri-Valley Community Library (Healy)22110402771137
HollisHollis Public Library2911100
Holy CrossHoly Cross School/Community Library0030
HomerHomer Public Library20418679275211714
HyderHyder Public Library32705
IgiugigIgiugig Tribal Library514515
JuneauAlaska State Library6241523409
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries305111302318711491
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries - Douglas Branch24012107491540
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries - Valley Branch1440649921836157
JuneauUniversity of Alaska Southeast5422680279
KakeShirly Jackson Community Library (Kake)2032545
KenaiKenai Community Library1085600016868512
Kenny LakeFrances Kibble Kenny Lake Public Library3232640549
KetchikanKetchikan Public Library2482615720577741
KodiakKodiak Public Library1248406313383488
KotzebueChukchi Consortium Library0000
Mat-SuMatanuska Susitna Library Network8951310411596942152
McGrathMcGrath Community Library4216127171
MetlakatlaCentennial Library2401546
Moose PassMoose Pass Public Library256198
NaknekMartin Monsen Regional Library24858133
NinilchikNinilchik Community Library1327829308
NomeKegoayah Kozga Public Library (Nome)142422333720
Pedro BaySamuel B. Foss Library (Pedro Bay)2919113
PelicanPelican Public Library228116103
PetersburgPetersburg Public Library30620893131943
Sand PointSand Point Community Library0000
SewardSeward Community Library58322658012715
SitkaSitka Library Network1440347910574588
SkagwaySkagway Public Library131696162569
SoldotnaSoldotna Public Library30928916366010258
Tenakee SpringsDermott O'Toole Memorial Library (Tenakee Springs)5310142120
Thorne BayThorne Bay Public Library515988182
TokTok Community Library9450644542
UnalaskaUnalaska Public Library129457352833
UtqiagvikTuzzy Consortium Library (Utqiagvik/Barrow)8828387435
ValdezValdez Consortium Library2988395062087
Whale PassWhale Pass Community Library130256
WrangellIrene Ingle Public Library (Wrangell)187911314697

Alaska Digital Library Policy and Guidelines Manual

ADL Policy and Guidelines Manual

(updated and approved by ALN Board May 6, 2022)


The intent of this manual is to document current policies and practices in order to provide transparency, stability, and efficiency to the processes needed to manage the Alaska Digital Library.




The Alaska Digital Library is a program coordinated by the Alaska Library Network. The policies needed to create a fair and successful program will be developed by the ALN Director based on input from members and will be approved by the ALN Board. – ALN BOARD 1/9/17

  • The ALN Executive Director will manage the day-to-day operations (including collection development) of the program and will make critical decisions as needed; however, Alaska library staff may be enlisted by the director to provide expert research and selection help. Note: ALN will play a limited role in troubleshooting common technical issues, please see the Usage/Support section.


  • Regular surveys will be developed to solicit feedback about the collection, usage, and satisfaction.





  • The ALN Board will receive regular updates about issues and needs of the Alaska Digital Library.


  • Time may be reserved at the AKLA conference to meet and talk about the Alaska Digital Library.


  • This document will be updated as necessary; the current version will be available on the ALN website.



Annual membership to the Alaska Digital Library will follow the policies outlined in the service agreement with the vendor, Overdrive, and will require an annually updated fee based on population.

  • The contract with Overdrive follows a fiscal year from October 1 through September 30. Full payment of fees should be made by September 15. Libraries may request a temporary waiver (to pay by October 31) for extraordinary reasons. Service may be shut down if payment (or waiver request) is not made by September 30. Non-service time will not be prorated upon subsequent payment of annual fees.


  • Annual fees are due in full (no partial payments) and are not refundable.


  • Annual fees may be paid by check or via ACH (electronic deposit). Credit card payments are not possible.


  • Partner libraries should notify ALN as soon as possible if they are planning not to continue with ADL.


  • Partner libraries should keep ALN informed of contact information changes.


  • At this time there are academic, special, and public libraries (including combined public/school and public/academic) as partner libraries. School-only libraries are not permitted by the vendor to join the ADL. Another program, the Alaska Digital School Library, has been developed for school libraries. Contact the Library Development unit at Alaska State Library.


  • All partner libraries must be current members of ALN.
  • Partner libraries agree to follow the policies outlined in the Overdrive Partner Agreement. (ADL partner library directors may request a copy of the current Partner Agreement from info@aklib.net)


  • Pricing will be based on a partner’s Legal Service Area (LSA) or Full-time Equivalent (FTE). LSA (public libraries) is determined using Alaska Dept. of Labor population estimates and enhanced/documented by the Alaska State Library (ASL); exceptions must be documented and approved by ASL. FTE (academic libraries) is determined by the official school student population.


  • ADL will use a tiered pricing model to allow for fair/affordable pricing for both small and large libraries.


  • Pricing for each fiscal year will be set at the January ALN Board meeting. If anticipated partner fees (commitments as of January 1) show a deficit, the ALN Board will approve a price increase. Partners will usually be notified by April 1 of the next fiscal year’s pricing. (ADL partner library directors may request a copy of the current pricing schedule from info@aklib.net)


  • Partners may request an “early invoice” in order to take advantage of any year-end monies.


  • Limited incentives or special pricing may be available to non-served Alaskan populations. It is our goal to make ADL affordable and accessible to all eligible libraries/patrons in Alaska.


  • For Public Library Assistance Grant (PLAG) reporting, libraries may designate 2/3 of their annual fee as monies spent on collections. The remaining 1/3 should be designated as electronic services.
  • The current contract allows ALN to make a flat group payment each fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). ADL partner library directors may request a copy of this contract from info@aklib.net.


  • ALN may keep an emergency reserve of funds up to 10% of yearly contractual fees.


  • The goal is to have the contracted service fee completely paid by partner libraries each year (through January price setting process); however, as a program of ALN, it is understood that ALN will cover unanticipated shortfalls in order to pay the negotiated yearly contract fee to keep the program solvent.



The Executive Director will work to maintain a positive and fair usage experience for patrons across the state, will assist libraries in making efficient and effective use of vendor-supplied training/troubleshooting, and will work to provide useful PR activities/resources.


  • Each partner library will only provide access to patrons within their approved/authorized service population (usually the Legal Service Area (LSA)).


  • Limitations on number of titles checked out, number of holds, length of hold pickup time, length of checkout, and any other necessary situations will be established in order to maintain a healthy and appealing service.
  • Authentication issues between an ILS and Overdrive must be resolved through direct contact between the library and Overdrive.


  • Libraries using the User Login Manager may ask ALN to be a backup administrator to assist during extraordinary circumstances. It is recommended that a library use a username AND PIN/Password to maintain the best security for their patrons.


  • Privacy of patron checkout records will be maintained.



  • Your library staff is the main point of contact for assisting patrons with issues and learning how to use the Overdrive platform. There are many resources you can use if you do not know an answer or need more information:



  • Staff may have an account on Overdrive Marketplace in order to submit a problem ticket directly to Overdrive. Staff must make the contact and mediate between patron and Overdrive tech.


  • Staff may use the ADL-Info mailing list to solicit ideas for “best practices”.



  • All libraries should have a current email contact available to assist patrons.


  • Suggestions for improvement may be researched and forwarded to Overdrive for possible development.


  • PR resources will be made available as funding and time permits.

Collection Development


The Executive Director will develop a plan to build the collection which meets the general/popular reading needs of patrons across the state using both internal and external funding and allows individual libraries to have an impact on the growth of the collection.


  • The regular annual budget for purchasing (called content credit) New titles and extra copies will be 2/3’s of the annual negotiated fee (i.e. $90,000 annual negotiated fee = $60,000 in content credit).


  • Additional monies may be solicited through donations or grants.


  • The goal is to spend 50% of the funds on New Titles and 50% on copies.


  • The goal is to purchase extra copies when a holds ratio of 10:1 is reached; however, budgetary limitations may cause an increase in the holds ratio.


  • Titles will be selected in the following formats: audiobooks (mp3, OverDrive Listen) and eBooks (Kindle, EPUB, PDF, and Overdrive Read). EBook titles available in Kindle or EPUB (both are desirable) will be given preference.


  • Titles available in only PDF or Overdrive Read should be avoided if possible.


  • One Copy/One User (OC/OU) titles are preferable to metered access titles.


  • Titles (both fiction and non-fiction) will be selected for three audiences: General Adult, Young Adult, and Juvenile in both fiction and non-fiction.


  • The ALN Director will allot funds each year for audience, subject/genre, and format in a logical and fair way based on budget, historical purchases, anticipated special purchases, trends, and demand.


  • New titles and extra copies will be purchased on a frequent and regular basis in order to keep the collection fresh and responsive to the patrons.


  • Libraries may have special accounts set up to purchase titles for the shared collection using their own funds.
  • Libraries may choose to become Advantage libraries to purchase titles for just their patrons’ use. Advantage libraries are encouraged to use the Advantage Plus “sharing” option which allows titles which are not being used by their patrons to be “shared” with all ADL patrons (Advantage patrons always have priority on these titles).


  • Libraries using their own funds will purchase titles based on their collection development policies.


  • Recommendations (suggestions) by staff and patrons will be made using the Recommend-To-Library (RTL) feature. Each patron and staff member is allotted 5 recommendations per month from their individual account. Library directors may request special “recommendation only” accounts for their staff (so that the staff does not need to use their personal account for library recommendations).


  • The priorities/criteria for selecting New Titles will be:


1. Quality review resources/lists (like the NYT Bestsellers)


2. Suggestions generated from patrons/staff (usually based on number of recommendations)


3. Expert research/surveys/reports (critical subjects/genres reflecting interests of Alaska’s patrons)


4. Special deals or sales to stretch the ADL budget


NOTE: Variety and balance between subjects/genres and subjects/genres which appeal to the general patron should always be an overriding factor.


  • Titles may be purchased for special events (community reads, Battle of the Books, etc.). The ALN Director may assist libraries in acquiring temporary, unlimited use licenses for specific titles. Organizations/libraries sponsoring the event may be asked to cost-share if there is limited statewide appeal.


  • The Executive Director of ALN will make the final decision on titles/copies to be purchased using regular annual budget funds; however, Alaska library staff may be enlisted by the director to provide expert research and selection help.


  • MARC records from OverDrive are automatically updated for libraries in the Alaska Library Catalog (ALC).
  • For non-ALC libraries, OverDrive MARC Express offers ready-to-load, minimal MARC records to your library at no cost. OverDrive creates these records and delivers them to Marketplace (under Admin > MARC Express deliveries) the day after you place a content order.
  • Non-ALC libraries can use MARC Express records as they are or edit them to suit their needs. MARC Express is a way of getting records into your catalog and keeping it up-to-date with your OverDrive digital collection.


  • Expiring metered access titles may be repurchased if a significant number of holds are present. However, when expired, most metered access titles will have holds purged and be weeded as soon as possible so that patrons will not believe they are still available.


  • Occasionally, metered access titles will change publishers, be updated, or change scope (i.e. original included multi-volumes). The new editions (with new ISBN) may be slightly different (or include single volumes) from the original. When possible holds from the original will be moved to the new edition or to a very similar title.


  • As a shared collection the reconsideration process needs to work through a couple layers. First, any reconsideration must follow the complete reconsideration policy at the patron’s home library. Documentation from that process (if removal is requested) will then be sent to the Executive Director (info@aklib.net). The Executive Director will send the documentation out to ADL directors for comment (two weeks). Finally, documentation and ADL directors’ comments will be forwarded to the ALN Board for discussion and vote at their next scheduled quarterly meeting. The ALN Board’s decision is final.


Gale In Context: Statistics

FY22Gale in Context - Full
FY21Gale-In Context-FULL

HistoryMakers statistics

Note: this database subscription started February 2021

FY22HistoryMakers (Total Item Requests)
FY21HistoryMakers (Total Item Requests)

FY21 ADL Shared Collection Statistics for Public Library reports

Number of volumes in collection

E-Books Withdrawn (question 7-2): 23
E-Books Added (question 7-2): 464
E-Books Held (question 7-2): 23,229

Downloadable Audio Materials Withdrawn (question 7-4): 0
Downloadable Audio Materials Added (question 7-4): 354
Downloadable Audio Materials Held (question 7-4): 11,967

Library Specific Circulation Statistics

The following chart will have information for these questions:

A. E-Book Circulation Juvenile (question 9-2)
B. E-Book Circulation Adult (question 9-2)

C. Audio Downloads Juvenile (question 9-5)
D. Audio Downloads Adult (question 9-5)


TownLibrary/BranchEbook JuvenileEbook AdultAudio JuvenileAudio Adult
AnchorageAnchorage Public Library4560811145230754101073
AnchorageConsortium Library University of Alaska Anchorage30614944071349
AniakAniak Public Library942344818
BethelKuskokwin Consortium Library (Bethel)355556256327
CantwellCantwell Community Library132510
Coffman CoveCoffman Cove Community Library95507
Cooper LandingCooper Landing Community Library856434
CordovaCordova Public Library21011713651375
CraigCraig Public Library93574114607
DeltaDelta Community Library844188610942817
DillinghamDillingham Public Library301313256453
EagleEagle Public Library3811467
Edna BayEdna Bay Community Library035102
FairbanksFairbanks North Star Borough Public Library7250278251394844163
FairbanksNorth Pole Branch Library0000
FairbanksUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks - Elmer E. Rasmuson Library2068803991225
GlennallenCopper Valley Community Library86684235547
GustavusGustavus Public Library7255355460
HainesHaines Borough Public Library18115113371834
HealyTri-Valley Community Library (Healy)21011603401416
HollisHollis Public Library1412901
Holy CrossHoly Cross Schoo/Community Library84530
HomerHomer Public Library24749982324211200
IgiugigIgiugig Tribal Library8214114
JuneauAlaska State Library10234937438
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries364312366375112380
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries - Douglas Branch27413446121345
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries - Valley Branch1452587418685370
JuneauUniversity of Alaska Southeast4129888286
KakeShirly Jackson Community Library (Kake)429243310
KenaiKenai Community Library1577644417658442
Kenny LakeFrances Kibble Kenny Lake Public Library2825276492
KetchikanKetchikan Public Library4430731827928192
KodiakKodiak Public Library1287397013493691
KotzebueChukchi Consortium Library0000
Mat-SuMatanuska Susitna Library Network9434332651553242530
McGrathMcGrath Community Library2111924276
MetlakatlaCentennial Library7151773
Moose PassMoose Pass Public Library120119
NaknekMartin Monsen Regional Library471933
NinilchikNinilchik Community Library174677285
NomeKegoayah Kozga Public Library (Nome)322303111653
Pedro BaySamuel B. Foss Library (Pedro Bay)097115
PelicanPelican Public Library138225160
PetersburgPetersburg Public Library31121245861648
Sand PointSand Point Community Library0000
SewardSeward Community Library56422938702764
SitkaSitka Library Network1530347611844467
SkagwaySkagway Public Library10061970478
SoldotnaSoldotna Public Library3478928635409596
Tenakee SpringsDermott O'Toole Memorial Library (Tenakee Springs)668026115
Thorne BayThorne Bay Public Library9375977
TokTok Community Library4950591521
UnalaskaUnalaska Public Library1244804691035
UtqiagvikTuzzy Consortium Library (Utqiagvik/Barrow)19842593442
ValdezValdez Consortium Library2899013481889
Whale PassWhale Pass Community Library016279
WrangellIrene Ingle Public Library (Wrangell)12476589483

SAYL Mail April 30, 2021

SAYL Mail    School and Youth Librarians Newsletter   April 30, 2021

This will be the last SAYL Mail for a while. I am retiring from the state library as of today. I’m looking forward to retirement 2.0 but those who know me are probably placing bets on where I’ll be working next…even if volunteering 😉


Thank You to all the Alaska school librarians who continue to inspire me with your stories and hard work despite budget cuts, earthquakes and pandemics. “You rock!” is an understatement.


A few notes:

Don’t forget to register and download free YA audiobooks through the summer via Audio SYNC.

https://audiofilemagazine.com/sync/  Season 2021 started yesterday with two titles; Come on In:15 Stories about Immigration and Finding Home, edited by Amielynn Abellera et al.  AND Illegal: Disappeared #2 by Francisco X. Stork.



Also for summer reading check the AKASL Battle of the Books Website for the 21-22 reading list.




And last but not least, don’t forget the Read More Alaska Summer Reading Challenges for All Ages



School Librarians, you are in the final stretch of another marathon school year….


Check out the Knowledge Quest article:  Celebrate Your Influence! https://knowledgequest.aasl.org/celebrate-your-influence/

In this article school administrators from several states (including Alaska!) participated in the AASL School Leader Collaborative. Read what these administrators had to say about the strong work of our school librarians.


And finally two free opportunities for school librarians from AASL:

May 4, 2021  3:00 pm          Watch Party: Representation Matters

REGISTER here https://ala-events.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_v1bpPKiZRkOxmuO45GWpBw

“Want to ensure your collection supports equitable access for all? A lot has changed in the past five years! Join the AASL Professional Learning Committee as they view a 2015 AASL webinar! During the watch party, attendees will learn strategies to explain the rationale and vital role of LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum to move your school library practice forward. Presenter Luke-Elizabeth Gartley will be online to share new insights and updated resources, as well as answer questions. This webinar, which is usually available to AASL members only, will be offered for free for this event! The AASL Professional Learning Committee will provide a playlist of related webinars, so attendees can continue the watch party on their own.”

Attendance during the watch party is complimentary and open to all.
As an attendee, you will receive follow-up correspondence from AASL specifically related to this watch party (including, but not limited to, instructions for accessing both the live event and its archived recording) as well as information about other upcoming AASL eLearning.


May 18, 2021 3:00 pm

AASL Townhall: Reflections and Plans for the Future; Our Pandemic Year

REGISTER https://ala-events.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2FK39f07STKwsz76j8sCGA




You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Alaska School Libraries” group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to alaska-school-libraries+unsubscribe@lists.akla.org. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/a/lists.akla.org/d/msgid/alaska-school


SAYL Mail April 9, 2021

SAYL Mail    School and Youth Librarians Newsletter   April 9, 2021

“ASK!”    We are well in to School Library Month and if you have time to read one article, here it is. Carolyn Foote who writes the blog Not So Distant Future discusses the importance of defining what we need and our call to action. Take a look at the 16 ideas for defining your “ask” and how you can give people options for how they can support your program and how you can focus your messaging.



While we don’t have a timeline as of yet, the Alaska State Library will be receiving federal funding which will be distributed through the grant process to public, school and academic libraries. Meanwhile school districts will also receive funding and purchases will have to follow the state procurement process. STAY TUNED!!

It’s always a good idea to know what purchases to consider when making your needs known to administrators. Check out some ideas at the Connect+Collect blog. Read more


Upcoming event

Tuesday, Apr 13 (3-4 pm)

AASL Town Hall: Leading Learning (American Association for School Librarians)

What began as an event to build community during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into a monthly opportunity for school library professionals to network and brainstorm around a central theme. During the town halls, participants will share successes, solicit ideas, and strategize the best ways to meet the needs of you and your learners. Join AASL Leadership and peers across the country in an open conversation focused on leading learning in your school and community.

For more information and to register


Deadline: Friday April 16th

Travel Grants Available for first time AASL National Conference Attendees

For more information and application


Alaskan Picture Books cleared for Read Aloud

If you are interested in reading these Alaska Northwest Books titles on video or on the radio, you are welcome to do so for the entire 2021 year.

  1. Dream Flights on Arctic Nights (also first book that will be launched on ASD’s Tales on Trails program)
  2. Pedro’s Pan
  3. Chia and the Fox Man : An Alaskan Dena’ina Fable
  4. How Raven Got His Crooked Nose : An Alaskan Dena’ina Fable
  5. Itchy Little Musk Ox

And if you do, please send us the link(s) so we can listen/watch, too, and let our authors know. For future permissions after 2021 on these books, or to request other books, please contact Alaska Northwest Books/West Margin Press publisher, Jennifer.Newens@WestMarginPress.com


Resource reminder

Book Links is available for free.” Both Booklist subscribers and non-subscribers can now access Book Links and its full range of classroom friendly content, 100%free. Start reading the newest issue of book links digital.” Newest issue  Also check out their Quick Tips for Schools and Libraries Newsletter


Upcoming webinars

Tuesday, Apr 13 (10am-noon)

Social Media 101: Keys to Reaching Your Entire School Community (School Library Journal)

Now, even as schools transition back to in-person instruction, social media remains a vital channel for getting the word out – especially when it comes to your school library! But navigating all the different platforms and finding the right voice for each can be challenging – which is why we’re here to help! In this webinar, Caroline Carr, a Library Media Specialist and bona fide Twitter expert will join Christina Samek, Outreach Specialist and social media graphics whiz from OverDrive to lead a crash course on how to become your best social media self. Attendees will walk away ready and excited to take to the web and put what they’ve learned into practice in their own districts – you won’t want to miss it!

For mor e information and to register

Tuesday, Apr 13 (10-11 am)

Booklist Middle-Grade Panel (Booklist)

Booklist is celebrating all things middle grade with a special author panel on Tuesday, April 13 at 1 PM CT! Join us as we chat with Sharon Draper, author of OUT OF MY HEART (Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing); Barbara Dee, author of VIOLETS ARE BLUE (Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing); Kelly Jones, author of HAPPILY FOR NOW (Random House Children’s Books); and Kwame Mbalia, editor of BLACK BOY JOY: 17 STORIES CELEBRATING BLACK BOYHOOD (Random House Children’s Books). Moderated by Books for Youth senior editor Julia Smith. For more information and to register


Tuesday, April 13 (11am-Noon)

Inspiring Reading and Learning All Year Long with Amazing Programs, Advocacy and Ideas

In this webinar join Shannon McClintock Miller, as she talks with fellow teacher librarians and instructional technology specialists from two different school districts about how they inspire reading and learning all year long with amazing programs, advocacy, and ideas. You will learn about dynamic reading promotions, diverse student challenges, social media advocacy, collaboration within the school community and public libraries, and more.  For more information and to register


Wednesday, Apr 14 (10-11am)

Books That Heal for Children and Young Adults (Library Journal)

This presentation will offer thoughtful discussion about the healing power of stories, and the messages they teach our youth for coping. It will provide examples of titles, for both children and young adults, that afford a variety of mental health benefits, supporting issues of trauma, self-esteem, identity, loss, anxiety, etc. Librarians have long championed literacy and the power of reading for our youth. Following this presentation, participants will have tangible ideas and language to use as they continue their advocacy for young readers. For more information and to register


Wednesday, Apr 14 (11am-noon)

Story Time STEM with Steve Spangler: Strategies for Connecting Amazing Science with Great Children’s Literature (edWeb.net)

This edWebinar is for early childhood educators who are looking to use popular pieces of children’s literature to help young learners strengthen their critical-thinking skills and increase their sense of wonder, discovery, and exploration. Story Time STEM gives you the teaching tools, ideas, and strategies you’ll need to explore creative ways to teach STEM through the medium of children’s literature.

For more information and to register


Wednesday, April 14 (10-11 am)

Literacy: A Social Justice Issue

“The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence, and crime is welded in reading failure.” The national reading crisis is much larger than poor grades and missing assignments. The effects it has on students last a lifetime. When reading deficits are identified early, they can be remediated with instruction rather than accommodations. Too often, however, struggling readers are unidentified and left behind, and the ramifications are manifold. This presentation will feature a principal, teacher, and parent who will share their journeys and how they advocate leaving no student behind due to inadequate instruction.

For more information and to register


Thursday, April 15 (8-9 am)

Creating Future Ready Schools Workshop (Future Ready Schools/Alliance for Excellent Education) The Creating Future Ready Schools® Workshop will dive deeply into the Future Ready Framework, the five-step planning process, and the tools and resources available to you and your district to create an innovative learning environment for students. For more information and to register


Thursday, Apr 15 (10-11 am)

What’s Ahead for Hybrid Learning: Putting Best Practices in Motion (Education Week)

This webinar will review best practices for hybrid learning on challenges such as concurrent teaching, scheduling, relationship building, equitable learning environments, and use of technology, with a special look at how to make the shift from mostly hybrid to fully in-person instruction, and from fully remote to hybrid, as smooth as possible. For more information and to register


Thursday, Apr 15 (11am-noon)

Literature as a Lens: Using Texts to Broaden Students’ Perspectives (Saddleback Educational Publishing)

Are you working to build an inclusive literacy classroom for all students? In this FREE one-hour webinar, we will discuss potential challenges that might exist as teachers try to diversify their classroom literature. We will review strategies for incorporating diverse texts and examine a planning tool that can help teachers to create inclusive reading experiences for students. For more information and to register


Monday, Apr 19 (10-11 am)

Getting Your Citizen Science Project Off the Ground (SciStarter)

Looking for a way to engage students in environmental education that works equally well in a virtual or in-person format? NEEF will teach educators about citizen science through a webinar co-hosted with SciStarter, an online citizen science hub. The webinar will walk viewers through the process of creating, developing, and implementing a citizen science project.   For more information and to register


Wednesday, Apr 21 (8-8:30 am)

Behind the Book Author Takeover STUDENT EDITION with Max Brallier (Follett)

Don’t miss this Student Edition takeover with Max Brallier, bestselling author of The Last Kids on Earth books, which is also now available on Netflix.   For more information and to register


Wednesday, Apr 21 (10-11 am)

Uplifting Native Voices: Carole Lindstrom and Michaela Goade discuss “We Are Water Protectors” (Mackin)

Ahead of Earth Day on April 22nd, Carole Lindstrom and Michaela Goade share the story behind their groundbreaking, award-winning, and New York Times bestselling picture book We Are Water Protectors. Hear from Carole about how the Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock inspired this picture book and about how illustrating this book helped Caldecott Medal Winner Michaela Goade see art as activism.  For more information and to register


Wednesday, Apr 21 (Noon-1pm)

Teaching Poetry: Audio Recordings of Poetry and Literature from the Library of Congress (Library of Congress)

Join us as we continue our celebration of Poetry Month with the Library of Congress. In this session, Library of Congress experts will share two core resources for educators wishing to use audio recordings in their work with students: Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature and Poetry of America.

For more information and to register


Saturday, Apr 24 (7-8 am)

Tech for Girls: The Science of Taste (PACER Center)

Join us in this virtual Tech for Girls workshop for two hands-on experiments to explore how your senses work together to help you taste and enjoy food. Needed supplies: 1 apple, cotton ball, vanilla extract, one small pack of jelly beans (with at least 3 different flavors), 3 small bowls or cups, one kitchen towel.

For more information and to register


Thursday, Apr 29 (10-11 am)

Rising to the Engagement Challenge: Inspiring Reading Strategies to Offset Learning Loss (Education Week)

As the access and equity divide in reading continues to grow, it is critical that we provide students with an antidote for online learning burnout. Our current circumstances have had an impact on students’ learning not only in terms of content and academic skills, but also in authentic student engagement. How can schools re-engage learners and bring joy back into learning? Join Curriculum Associates’ Elizabeth Bassford, Glendaliz Martinez Almonte, and Jamie Richard for a collaborative conversation exploring high-impact strategies to re-energize your students and your classroom community.

For more information and to register




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SAYL Mail March 12, 2021

SAYL Mail     School and Youth Librarians Newsletter    March 12, 2021


Last minute opportunities


Register for AKLA Conference March 18-20   https://akla.org/2021/registration/

Conference page: akla.org/2021/


AKLA Conference Sessions of interest to school librarians:

  • Open Educational Resources 101
  • Respect Inspire Share Empower-RISE a Program for Teens
  • OER: Librarian and Educator Collaborations
  • It’s All about Connections: Enhance your library services with connected learning
  • Creating Alaskana Editions
  • Girl Scouts in the Library
  • AkASL General Membership Meeting
  • Computational Thinking: It’s a way of thinking like a computer
  • SCBWI Alaska’s 2020-21 Kid Lit Inside Scoop



Vote on book selections for the AkASL Battle of the Books 21-22 season


Be sure to check the selection criteria


AASL survey  closes March 29th (ten minutes to complete) all levels of school librarians


The data that you have provided throughout the past year, and adding this final survey data, will greatly impact AASL’s ability to plan and advocate as the impact of the pandemic influences and changes education.



Additional online PD opportunities this month:


Tuesday, Mar 16 (9-10 am)

What Kids Are Reading (and Not Reading) in 2021 (edWeb)

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed students’ reading habits—including how much they read and how well they comprehend it? Are students reading more nonfiction? What are the most popular books at each grade level? These are just a few of the questions answered in the 2021 edition of What Kids Are Reading, the world’s largest annual survey of K–12 students’ reading habits. REGISTER


Wednesday, Mar 17 (9-10am)

Lifting Voices: Black Joy and the Craft of Literature (Mackin)

Join New York Times bestseller and award-winner Andrea Davis Pinkney, Leslie C. Youngblood, and Kia Heise for a stellar conversation on literature for middle grade readers. They’ll discuss creating space for Black joy, their approaches to writing historical and modern-day fiction, and how literature featuring marginalized characters exists beyond identity. Participants will leave this session with a renewed appreciation for how fiction enriches the lives of young readers. REGISTER


Wednesday, Mar 17 (9-10:30 am)

Launch: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Open Educational Resources (Washington College of Law)

We are pleased to announce the release of the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Open Educational Resources. This document is intended to support authors, teachers, professors, librarians, and all open educators in evaluating when and how they can incorporate third party copyright materials into Open Educational Resources to meet their pedagogical goals. REGISTER



Thursday, Mar 18 (11-12 am)

How Librarians Can Foster Collaborative Learning (edWeb)

In this edWebinar, Shannon Miller, a district library media specialist, will discuss how collaborative learning fosters cross-curricular education and builds a strong school community.

For more information and to REGISTER


Tuesday March 23 (10-11am)

SLJ Spring Teen/YA Book Buzz ( School Library Journal)                                                                                                                      Come see what’s buzzing this spring with publishers. See the latest and greatest as well as some stellar debuts.  REGISTER

Thursday, Mar 25 (10-11am)

When Was This Photograph Taken? (Library of Congress)

What clues can you use to determine when a picture was made or a photo was taken? In this session, Reference Specialist Kristi Finefield walks attendees through the process of determining the date range of an aerial photograph of Washington, D.C. REGISTER



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Janet Madsen, NBCT

School Library Coordinator


Alaska State Library, P.O. Box 110571, Juneau, AK 99811-0571

(907) 465-8187,  FAX (907) 465-2151


SAYL Mail for February 12, 2021

SAYL Mail     School and Youth Librarians Newsletter     February 12, 2021

Upcoming events of interest

February 25   Digital Learning Day   digitallearningday.org

Celebrating Ten Years of Digital Learning Day.  Overcoming Adversity with Resilience and Hope for the Future. Live broadcast starts at 8:00 am. Share ideas, stories and practices through social media in your own schools and communities. Local events, interactive activities and lessons. Register for the live broadcast   Programming Schedule


February 25   Libraries, Literacy and Equity: a Virtual Conversation featuring Dr. Carla Hayden, Librarian of Congress and Tracie Hall, Executive Director ALA.     Register


Diversity Resources

At a recent AASL Townhall which focused on diversity in school library collections and conducting a diversity audit, the following free resources were shared.

Michigan Association of Media in Education (MAME) recently created an annual list of diverse books for learners. The list was compiles by certified school librarians and includes books published in the last two years for all grade levels: Pk-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12. The committee also developed an app for easy access to the list along with supporting resources such as author website, book trailers, teaching and discussion guides.

2020 Diverse Books List http://bit.ly/miselfinbooks

2020 Diverse Books List (screen reader friendly) http://bit.ly/miselfinbooksreadable

Directory of #ownvoices Books App which includes additional resources for each book. https://miselfinbooks.glideapp.io/

Books Diversity Rubric   http://bit.ly/MIselfinbooksrubric

Developed from the Teaching Tolerance “Reading Diversity: A Tool for Selecting Diverse Texts
Diverse Book Resources  curated by MAME members

February 16   Noon-1pm   Shake Up Your Shelves: Diversify Your Book Collection!

Join award winning teacher and author Donalyn Miller and get practical tips and approaches for diversifying your book collection.    Register

February 17   10:00 am Lifting Voices: books Like Us: The Power of Seeing Yourself Reflected in a Book

Simon & Schuster editors and authors from the Denene Millner Books and Salaam Reads imprint share the moment when they were able to connect with a character that reflected their own personal narrative. Seeing themselves reflected in a book had a powerful impact on their sense of self and shaped the editors and writers they would later become. Register


Share with your teacher collaborators and students

2021 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest “A fun and engaging way for Alaska’s high school students to write essays or create videos that speak this year’s topic. “What does our American community ask of us?”

“We are able to arrange zoom conversations between your students and Alaskan attorneys to discuss the civics lessons associated with this year’s topic. The contest’s web site presents engaging materials that your students will be able to access online, free of charge.  You can find them under the “resources” tab of the website.  If students are interested in participating in the contest, volunteer attorneys from the Federal Bar Association are available to meet with your class and have a virtual conversation about the topic, answer students’ questions, and help them explore and navigate the materials.  We hope your students will be interested in attending one of these afternoon zoom sessions during the week of February 15th please email our law librarian, anna_russell@lb9.uscourts.gov to make arrangements to attend. A complete set of materials here https://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/civicscontest Contact Anna Russell with your questions.

Entries accepted: February 1, 2021, Deadline for Entries March 17, 2021

New! Teen Health and Wellness database on SLED

Check out the resource page for Librarian and Educator resources including newsletters, lesson plans, program ideas and promotional materials, training tools and buttons and widgets for your school and library webpage.  https://teenhealthandwellness.com/static/educatorresources

Professional Tools for Librarians Serving Youth

This toolkit is a selection of resources, some created by the Association of Library Services to Children and some by outside organizations.

Recent articles

Learning Tools and Standards Lead to Ah-ha Moments (Our Alaskan Schools)

Read more about how Pam Verfaillie and Becky Walker of Valdez High School use the AASL Standards Framework for Learners while guiding students through a persuasive essay assignment.

Remote Realities (American Libraries)

School librarians share how they are adapting their teaching and outreach to support students.

Sitting on the Roof at Night for Internet (edweek)

Read about the challenges of teaching in a Navajo community in Northern New Mexico.





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SAYL Mail for January 11, 2021

SAYL Mail   School and Youth Librarians Newsletter     January 11, 2021


Upcoming events of interest

Jan 12   3:00 pm AASL Townhall: Leading Learning   More info and registration
Jan 12   3:45-5:15pm AKRISE monthly meetup chat for rural educators will include Martha Tomeo who will share “Strategies for reaching learners during the pandemic”. More info and registration


Jan 15 Jo Morse Scholarship for School Librarians

For more information read the requirements and learn what is entailed in the application process. Go to https://akla.org/scholarships/

If you have further questions, please contact me or Julie Niederhauser at julie.neiderhauser@alaska.gov



Jan 13   Sign up for World Read Aloud Day 


Jan 20  Registration discount:    2021 AASL National Conference   Oct 21-23   Salt Lake City

national library conference is heading your way! Meet in person with library professionals from across the country in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 21-23, 2021. $100 discount. Use promo code AASL100 and receive a $100 discount through January 20, 2021. With your ALA member discount, you’ll save more than $170! No risk registration. We know there is some uncertainty right now, which is why AASL is offering no risk registration through May 1, 2021. This means any registrant may cancel their registration by May 1, 2021   and receive a full refund.

  Online PD Opportunities

Wednesday Jan 13   9:00 am   YMA Trivia Smackdown with Betsy Bird and Travis Yonker

Test your knowledge of Newbery/Caldecott history and celebrate a most welcome new year and the upcoming 2021 Youth Media Awards

Register https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5BTNAr9rTiuKEhjKDKrOjA

Jan 15      A Conversation with the 2021 YALSA Excellence in Non-Fiction Finalists

REGISTER https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=reg30.jsp&partnerref=SLJWeb11521&eventid=2950266&sessionid=1&key=AE4C19CF5358502BDADF9256627E4824&regTag=&V2=false&sourcepage=register


Wednesday, Jan 20 (1-2pm)

Cut the Cost of Digital Collection Building: Join a Consortium! (edWeb.net)

Please join Michelle Luhtala, Library Department Chair at New Canaan High School in Connecticut, as she interviews Jennifer Keohane, Executive Director of the Connecticut Library Consortium, about how this program is promoting equity and access throughout her state and how it can benefit school libraries elsewhere.

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.edweb.net/emergingtech

Thursday, Jan 21 (10-11 am)

How to Unite Equity, SEL, and Literacy Instruction (edWeb.net)

Culturally relevant books are a powerful resource for building these skills. Diverse reading can assist students in better understanding their emotions, identities, and experiences while helping educators explore meaningful topics in their classrooms—be they on-site or virtual. Join this edWebinar to learn some equity-driven best practices for integrating social and emotional learning into your teaching using the power of relevant reading!

For more information and to register, visit: https://home.edweb.net/webinars


Thursday, Jan 21 (10-11am)

Manage your Virtual Classroom Stress (InSync Training)

The stressors of virtual learning aren’t going away – as a matter of fact, they are going to come up more often as virtual classroom adoption is cemented in our culture.Don’t worry! We’ve got you! In this session we will quell your inner angst and calm your nerves by providing techniques and scripts to give you the confidence you need to master the virtual classroom experience for you and for your learners.

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.insynctraining.com/virtually-there-series/

Thursday, Jan 21 (Noon-1pm)

What does it mean to be a school librarian during COVID-19? (Cherry Lake Publishing)

Addressing school needs vs. program needs during the pandemic. What are stakeholders (e.g., parents, students, teachers, admins) worried about? How can librarians help? What needs are librarians seeing that others are not? Suggested resources.

For more information and to register, visit: https://tinyurl.com/yczkn2qj

Jan 22 9:00 am   What’s It Really Like? Join the 2021 Mock Newbery Live!

Register https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_3egAJu9LRdK0HlD6L_fv3A

Tuesday, Jan 26 (3-4:30 pm)

3 Cool Tools for Station Rotation (TeachersFirst)

Maximize station rotation in your classroom with these three tech tools. One of the more popular blended learning models is station rotation. Having groups of students change tasks on a schedule allows you to meet student needs by differentiating instruction. Join us to explore, compare and contrast three tools that can be used to maximize your “computer station” time when using the rotation model. Learn about the features of each tool and understand how to add them to your instructional toolkit.

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.teachersfirst.com/ok2ask/

Wednesday, Jan 27 (10-11:30 am)

Intentionality With Loose Parts: Provoking Children’s Inquiry (Early Childhood Investigations)

Join Miriam Beloglovsky, co-author of the Loose Parts: Inspiring Play award-winning books, and Diane Spahn, Director of Education with Kodo Kids, as they explore the 6 w’s that serve as a framework to select and set up loose parts that provoke children’s inquiry.This webinar will guide you to apply educational and design knowledge when curating loose parts to maximize children’s learning. Participants will learn the value of loose parts, discover how to curate the loose parts utilizing different lenses to explore the affordances the loose parts offer children, and how to set provocations that promote inquiry.

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/


Wednesday, Jan 28 (noon-1 pm)

Avoiding the Rabbit Hole: How to Recognize and Understand Conspiratorial Thinking (edWeb.net)

This edWebinar explores the psychological and cognitive factors behind conspiratorial thinking, including the role of fears and anxiety, cognitive dissonance and biases, motivated reasoning and institutional cynicism. We will discuss the ways conspiracy theories exploit emotions as well as how they fill emotional needs. As part of this session, we will also provide instructional resources for integrating these concepts into your curriculum, including our new, interactive lesson which is part of the Checkology virtual classroom.

For more information and to register, visit: https://tinyurl.com/y7rbra42

Thursday, Jan 28 (10-11 am)

Innovating in the Classroom with Interactive 3D Tools (EdSurge)

As technology advances, interactive 3D experiences are becoming more common, often transcending what we are able to convey with text, images and video alone. Panelists will discuss how to bring this technology to core subjects and explore strategies for leveraging real-time technology like Epic Games’ Unreal Engine as a tool for teaching and learning.

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.edsurge.com/e



Digital Learning Day is Turning Ten    tcea.org

Highly recommended diverse books for kids  (Resilient Educator)

Notes Tools for Educators    (tcea.org)

7 easy ways to promote your ebook collection  (Overdrive)

Resources for reaching reluctant readers  (Overdrive)

Brush up on overdrive and SORA tips (Overdrive)

Future Ready Librarian Challenge: Bite sized PD to help you learn new tools and strategies. Challenges include mini-activities and sharing what you have learned with other school librarians through social media, virtual meetups and special events.

Identify Misinformation with Lateral Reading

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